TURISMO IN INDIA is one of the leading brand name in the tourism industry catering guests since last many years. It is a brand that you can reckon with. This is a tourism  company which is multi dimensional and focused to the changing scenario of the taste and preferences of the guests. Our professional team is specialized to render their hospitality to all segments — delegates from multi- national companies or expatriates visiting our nation. Kindly find below the area of operation that we are specialized in tour packages.
Turismo  was incorporated in the past years with the license from the  Italian Tourism Board (ITB) to operate as a Travel Agent.We offer premier tour services in:

  • Planning of corporate incentive tour, seminars, cruises, Inbound and Outbound tours
  • Various tours packages options.
  • Worldwide Hotel reservations
  • Attractive tour packages around the globe.


We have since accumulated over more than a decade of experience in handling Tours packages and Meetings with our clients and Packages for all various tour.

We have been specializing to customize and design tour packages for Groups, Associations  etc, including many large-scale events such as.

We also have a very close business relationship with our business associates in the travel industry worldwide, especially Italy which enable us to get the most competitive rates for the services, thus passing on the cost savings to our clients.

Today, we are one of the largest fleet-owner in the Travel & Tours industry in India as well as in Italy, with a fleet of more than thousand of guests. In order to serve then a high class services in our all tours . Our clients can always be assured that our team are always well maintained to their highest standard and expectation. We have been working with reputable international vehicles´ and parts manufacturers to constantly review and upgrade our fleet to maximize our returns without compromising on safety requirements, environmental issues and customers’ satisfaction. 

Transport Rental


We are dedicated to fulfilling your luxury transport related requirements. We have demonstrated experience in handling transport of large conferences, fares and delegation. We provide super Luxury Cars, Luxury Vans and Luxury Coaches including the stretch Limousine and Volvo Coaches.

Hotel Reservation

We book hotels for you at anytime and anyplace with the best value for your money. We have tie-ups with the hotels and have special rates, which we extend the same to our clients. We offer a wide range of hotels from moderately priced 3 star hotels to world class luxury hotels and Home Stays.

Turismo In India

Come to India, Enjoy and Discover. Match India’s rhythms to your heart, its colours to your mind, and find a travel experience that is yours alone. An India like no other. Friendly, warm, welcoming … and uniquely your own.

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